Friday, 6 February 2015

Finally A Bed

Two Approves Of The New Bed
Photo by ME, with my phone

So, after all our bed drama, I think that things will finally calm down when it comes to Jason and my bedroom furniture. Last month, Kristen and Noah helped us move the boxes from West Elm to Rrunuv Bayit. We had tried to do it in my mom's SUV like with the other one, but it was way too big. The headboard and foot-board were in a box each and they are big - like king-size big. In fact, I used to call the bedroom The Room Of Bed because Jason's king bed takes up the whole thing in an almost overwhelming sense, and now with this new modern-sleigh style frame it is even larger. (See Image to Right - there is only about an inch or two clearance for the door.)

The boxes for the new bed sat in our dining room for a long while and then last week the old frame fully broke. It happened in the middle of the night, woke me up, and couldn't be fixed. We decided that we would sleep on the futon in the office and that would inspire us to get going on setting up the new bed. As our nights' sleep got worse and worse, we continued to have little time to get going on the task. First we needed to dismantle the old broken bed, find a place to keep the huge king mattress for a while, then pile up and put aside all the storage bins we keep under it. Secondly, we needed to clean. Thirdly, this past weekend, I applied Scotchgard to the pieces, since the whole thing is fabric. I did three thin coats, leaving it to dry for 12 hours between each. Lastly came putting it together, when Jason reviewed the direction he discovered that the slats all had to be screwed into the frame (instead of just rolled out and laid on top like last time.) So last night we decided to tackle the task and the two of us, using screwdrivers, got the whole thing put together and the 64 screws finished. Now we have a bed again!

(See Image to Left - Jason gingerly sits on our freshly assembled bed, "Please don't break, please don't break, please don't break.")


Sweeton said...

It looks very nice and hopefully you can back to good nights of sleep.

Anonymous said...

I like that Two has made herself comfortable :)